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Welcome to the Middle Ground

Where nothing is too extreme and we are all b r e e z y :)

Hello, fellow parents/dessert enthusiasts! This is Hannah and Lauren of and @roomtempmessmama. We are two very different moms navigating parenting one snack at a time. Despite our differences, we do share a high level of healthy cynicism as well as a goal to normalize and validate all things MAMA. Our goal is to create a safe corner of the internet where anyone can come to find positive affirmations, life hacks, sale alerts, and brutally honest product reviews + recommendations. We’ll also share a little bit of our own homegrown chaos and life experiences as we go.

We call ourselves “Mamas in the Middle Ground” because we don’t align with any one specific parenting style. We believe in supporting parents in every decision they make and with every instinct they follow. Success or fail, your efforts are valid and recognized here. We always say “do what works until it doesn’t”, and we mean it. Between the two of us, there have been MANY times where we have done something completely differently than we originally planned, simply because our children (annoyingly) never do things exactly how we envision. (IE: Hannah SWORE she would never, ever co-sleep. Yet out of desperation, still has at least 2/3 kids in bed with her every night. And loves it.) Do what works for YOU and your family, and let us be here to cheer you on and give you tips when you ask for them.

*Disclaimer: We are absolutely not professionals and any advice given should be taken with a grain of salt.

We are truly grateful to connect with fellow parents attempting to stay alive while doing our best not to scar the tiny humans we love. Thank you for being here, and please don’t hesitate to use our Outburst of Emotions box or send us a chat if you have any questions or suggestions.

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