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Ages 1-3 - If Toddlers Could Make Wish Lists...

Leap Frog Laptop Learner

All 3 of my kids love this toy. Great for button loving kids or electronically inclined kids (IE: constantly taking your phone and entering the wrong password until you are locked out and can't use it for 5 minutes).

Classic Stacking Cups

These are a staple toy. And these neutral colors make them a front-of-the-shelf friendly (non-eyesore) toy.

B. Toys Musical Ball Popper

This toy is so fun! All my kids love playing with it, but especially Sophie (15 months). I love that the spout is adjustable so you can have the balls shoot out at different directions (like directly at your ex husband, for example). The force isn't strong enough to hurt anyone (trust me, Sophie puts her eyeball right up to it and lets the balls shoot out at her and then laughs) and it's fairly easy to get non-ball items out when your kids inevitably stick binkies or hot wheels in.

LF Pick Up And Count Vacuum

This is what I'm getting Sophie for Christmas, so I can't give a review yet, but I can say that it looks really fun and I'm pretty positive it's going to be a hit. The vacuum picks up the pieces and recognizes them by color while counting them. Even once all the little pieces are lost, it will be fun for them to play with as just a regular play vacuum.

Buckle Toy

Something about buckling and unbuckling buckles is just fascinating to toddlers. Seriously, all my kids love this toy and it's one of the few toys that will actually hold their attention for more than 12 seconds.

Steggy the Fine Motor Dino

This is great because solo a toddler can use this for fine motor skills (AKA toddler fun), but with a little help it can be used to help learn numbers and colors too!

Water Doodle Mat

I love this for the younger toddlers because it's mess free. Sophie always wants to color with her sisters, but ends up coloring in less than desirable places (IE: the floor, her face, my face, etc.).

Lego Duplos

We love, love, love the LEGO duple sets for our littler littles. The pieces are big enough for little hands, but still fun for older kids to play along with younger siblings. This train set is especially fun!

Play Tunnel

This tunnel is magic for toddlers. Also cats, but mostly toddlers. We make obstacle courses with ours, or prop it up on the couch to make a slide for toys.

That's not my snowman...

The whole line of "That's not my" books by Usborne is so good! All of our kids love these, even the older ones. They are especially great for this age though as they hold tiny attention spans and teach describing words like "soft", "rough", etc.

Baby Stella 12" Doll

This baby is perfect for this age. It's soft so that if it gets thrown at someone face, it won't give that someone a black eye. The binkie is magnetic and the dress is changeable. She comes in a few different skin tones too!

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