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5-7 - I'm A Big Kid Now

How to Draw 101 Animals

Step-by-step drawing instructions that are easy to follow and fun to practice! I like to keep one of these on the kitchen table to keep them busy while I'm cooking or doing dishes, which is basically 100% of the time.

The Bad Guys Book Series

This series is perfect for this age group. There are pictures on almost every page to keep it interesting. The humor is perfectly immature, and there is a really good mix of easy-to-sound-out words and trickier words for a bit of a challenge.

Picasso Tiles Racetrack

Everyone loves magnetic tiles, no matter what age. BUT these magnetic car track tiles really take them to the next level and bring the magic of the magnetic tiles back!

See & Spell

Learn to spell, but make it fun. That's this guy right here.

Indoor/Outdoor Jungle Gym Sets

Swings and ladders and gymnastics swings that can be installed INSIDE! The cheaper option would require a doorway pull-up bar be installed and then the swings can be attached to it. The more expensive one includes the doorway bar and has more accessories with it. I can't tell you how much I need this right now with the winter/quarantine season upon us.

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Build mazes with tunnels, walls, and obstacles. Then code your mouse to get through the maze. Mouse can program up to 40 steps. Such a fun and different toy idea that I know Ellie (5) would really enjoy playing with.

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track

Hot Wheels tracks are great for this age, but this one specifically is so cool. It's motorized to make the cars zoom in all directions through each of the loops. The most fun part is that if you put multiple cars on the track, eventually they will crash into each other at one of the 4 crash zone points. Kids love a good race car crash

The Big Book Of Silly Jokes For Kids

Kids love making us laugh. But jokes are a concept they are just starting to grasp at this age. There are over 800 jokes in this book for them to flip through and retell a thousand times.

Foldable Puppet Show Theatre

In the era of YouTube Kids, this age especially loves to put on a show for people. Ellie loves to pretend to record videos of her playing for her YouTube channel. I know so many kids would love to have this to put on little shows for their families!

Disney Hand Puppets

You'll need puppets to go with the Puppet Show Theatre, and these ones are Disney, which means they're double awesome.

Kids Digital Camera

Comes with a 32 GB memory card and is durable and shockproof to withstand being inevitably dropped! Comes in a variety of colors and is a really low price with great reviews.

Hive Game

This game is like a very simple version of chess. Each piece moves in a specific way so there's a lot of early strategic thinking. The pieces are small and fun to handle, but large enough to not be choking hazards around tiny mouths.

Disney Codenames

This game is one of our favorites. It might need to be modified a bit for the 5 and 6 year olds, but older kids will definitely be able to play this and will love trying to guess which Disney character their teammate is describing.

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