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Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m a 26 year old, freshly divorced, mom of t h r e e little girls. Ellie is 5, Libby is 3, and Sophie is 1. I speak fluent sarcasm and snark, and I communicate almost solely by meme exchange. I am a Target enthusiast who spends far too much time and energy trying to make sure my children all wear matching outfits every day (my mantra is: if everyone has matching outfits, at least I can pretend we have our s*** together). I love finding good sales and hacks to make this mom thing a little more doable. My portion of this blog is dedicated to sharing my finds and also sharing a little bit of my unconventional family dynamic. See more from me on Instagram or reach out via email. 

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Hello! I'm Lauren. I'm married to an Aquaman doppelgänger and I'm a helicopter mom to one tornado toddler, Wayland. He is 3.5 and he never. stops. moving. I spend my days chasing him around outside and cleaning up his trail of destruction inside. I am a huge geek for all things Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Harry Potter, ATLA...If you are excited about staying inside and playing Mario Kart or binging Disney+, we can be great friends. I really love connecting with people and sharing my experiences with attachment parenting, especially when it comes to high energy children like my own. I hope to contribute some insight on unschooling as well as my own experiences with self-care and mental illness. I'm excited to chat with you!

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